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A reliable resource for heating advice in Somerset can be found at the Centre for Sustainable Energy. They offer a                   dedicated freephone energy advice line for Somerset residents (which can be reached at 0800 038 5730). You can also             contact them via email at For further information, please visit their website at:  

Homeowner Assessment Accelerator:

Blackdown Hills Parish Network - Hunt the Heat:

Climate Action Taunton:

Somerset Council Climate Emergency team:, email at

Somerset Climate Action Network:

Experts from our energy group are happy to dispel the many myths and discuss their hands-on experience with retrofitting, insulating homes, installing air source heat pumps, solar panels and using electric cars as a storage facility. They'd love to chat and share their knowledge!  Thanks to CSE, Retrofit Somerset, Curry Rivel Community Energy Project for sharing their expertise and experience with us at our recent meeting. 

Air Source Heat Pump Boilers

Solar Panels

Workshops and Info Sessions

Warm Homes

Fair transition to a net zero carbon energy system 

CSE Bristol

Energy essentials training — Fuel poverty awareness and basic energy advice

FRECo - Frome

FRECo is a small but important step towards a secure energy future for Frome. They enabled the local community to invest in clean, renewable energy through community shares. A not for profit, democratic organisation; any surplus from their renewable generation projects is reinvested in a community fund to support energy saving.

Warm Homes For All

Peoples Assembly for Newcastle Under Lyme; Addressing the issues of climate and energy.

A community coming together to find local solutions to the climate / energy crisis. 



Shedding some light on the purchase of a light bulb

by Adam Collett

We all know the joke about how many people it takes to change a light bulb but how much does it cost to keep it lit? The answer may surprise you and change the way you illuminate your house and manage your energy costs.

There are three main types of light bulb that I am going to review. I have taken the purchase costs and projected operating hours from one website ( Prices for these items may vary at different shops and suppliers.

1) Incandescent bulbs or “Edison bulbs”. 

2) Fluorescent compact fittings (More commonly known as “Energy Saving Bulbs). 

3) LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs – newest type on the market. 



by Adam Collett

In a world where fossil fuels are being used at an exponential rate, finding alternative sources of energy is fast becoming a top priority on every country’s agenda. Global energy consumption soared to a massive 11.4 billion tonnes of oil equivalent in 1997, 80% of which came from fossil fuels and 60% of which was used for transport. (International Energy Agency, 2008)

Given the current and future energy scenarios it is of no surprise that research into renewable energy is now booming, with a vast range of different sources and technologies available. In terms of transport fuel, biofuels derived from plants are heading the way as a promising substitute, largely due to their perceived renewable nature and reduced greenhouse gas emissions; however their biggest selling point is that they have been proven to work with little or even no adaptations to existing engines and are relatively simple to produce on industrial or micro-scale. This article aims to give an overview of biofuels, including types, chemistry and the current global situation.


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